Josh and Adrienne both grew up in Humboldt County but didn’t meet until High School where they became great friends and narrowly escaped a lame dating relationship (dating is always lame in high school). Upon graduation Josh went to UC Davis to pursue a career in storm chasing and Adrienne went to Humboldt State before transferring to Cal Poly SLO in pursuit of a degree in Philosophy. As the Lord would have it, they both ended up majoring in Cru and it was this common passion which reunited them in a long distance dating relationship which mainly transpired over AOL Instant Messenger (This was before cell phones and they couldn’t afford long distance phone calls). Long story short, they fell in love, got married, joined staff with Cru, moved to Chico and had 4 amazing children together over 15 years of marriage. They now enjoy hiking, reading, college students, Netflix, and trying not to drown in child.

Josh: (530) 219-9148 || Adrienne: (530) 219-9147



Andrew and Bonnie Burger have been working with Chico Cru since 2012. Both Cal Poly San Luis Obispo grads. They have two kids and full days. When not with college students, you can find Andrew laying down somewhere trying to take a nap. He enjoys a good steak, a solid cup of coffee, and any kind of sportsing. If you’re ever in need of a 3rd basemen for your recreational church softball team, he’s your man. Will play for burritos.

Bonnie is the brains of the operation at the Burger house. The two kids keep her busy but she loves it. She has found the world’s best cup of coffee, enjoys cooking, and is unashamedly addicted to British television (ask her about it). When Bonnie is not with college students, you wont be able to find her…she is enjoying a moment of solitude.

Andrew: (925) 413-9989 || Bonnie: (530) 400-7486



Evan and Kelly have been on staff with Cru for 4 years. Kelly is a Chico State alumna and Evan is from Illinois. They love the outdoors (when it's not too hot), coffee, taco trucks, and spending time with friends. In their free time you can catch Evan rock climbing and Kelly struggling to keep her house plants alive.

Evan: (217) 725-8084 || Kelly: (916) 719-6991



Emily joined staff after graduating from Chico State in 2013. She has served for several years on campuses across the Central Valley but is excited to rejoin the Chico Cru team. Some of her favorite things about Chico include One Mile, Tea Bar and Thursday Night farmers market.

(916) 494-9335



Jordan Olesen recently graduated from the College of Engineering at Chico State with his B.S. in Sustainable Manufacturing Engineering and minor in Sustainability Management. With a passion reach and engage students of his generation with the Gospel, he made the decision to intern with Cru starting in fall of 2018. Jordan enjoys Songwriting, playing guitar, photography, and just about anything outdoors.

(925) 577-1318